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This is the Mining Memorial at Allanton

In May 2019, the Development Trust held a Mining Heritage Exhibition with contributions in the form of memorabilia from ex miners and families.  We also liaised with the Scottish Mining Museum in Newtongrange who also provided artifacts for the 5 day Exhibition.

This was a huge success and was attended by approximately 400 people including every child from our Primary School with the co-operation of the Head Teacher.  20 volunteers  helped to make this happen.

An evening of memories was also held, attended by a group of ex miners with a slideshow instigating lots of stories and memories.  This was an amusing social occasion bringing many old working friends together.

These events also raised the question of why the District doesn’t have a Memorial to the 30+ miners who died working in Kingshill No.2 and Wilsontown Colliers.  

This has formed the start of a new project aimed at providing a suitable Memorial for the community. We also used a later event as a platform to display to the community what the Trust has achieved with funding received and also allow them to vote for what they would like to see as a Mining Memorial and where in the village they would like it positioned.

With community consultation complete, the decision was taken to have a traditionally styled bronze statue of a Miner to be positioned at the West entrance to the village adjacent to Longdales.  Initial enquiries indicate that the costings for this could be around £30-60,000.

The timescale to produce the statue could be 1 year to eighteen months.  The Trust will work to source funding for this project from a number of areas together with public fundraising.  

The Trust met with Council members to agree the exact position and consider any specific groundwork required and health & safetly issues.

First 24hr Defibrillator A & C Ross Garage

The Trust held a  5 day event in the Masonic Lodge where people could attend and donate to the Appeal and have a cuppa and a chat. 


We aimed to raise £2000 for the Appeal but this was exceeded, so we will continue to raise further funds for a second Defibrillator to be located in our District.  This project is now complete and the first unit installed.  Thanks go to Margaret and Sandy Fowler for allowing the unit to be sited on their premises, and to all businesses and individuals who contributed to this worthwhile cause.


Further thanks go to our local First Responders for their help at the events and ongoing assistance, ensuring that the Unit is maintained and ready to use.


This fund was made available to the Trust for the purpose of providing a Cinema and Kitchen equipment for the local Church Halls and is an active project.  This is a Scottish Government initiative managed by South Lanarkshire Renewable Energy Fund and its aim is to regenerate our Town Centres.

The Trust have been accepted to become administrators of South Lanarkshire Renewable Energy Funds MICRO GRANT which is a Scottish Government initiative offering a small fund (£1 up to £500) for local groups and individuals who have a project which will be of benefit to the community. The Trust will hold an annual amount of £5000 and use this to help the various groups/individuals who meet with the Councils Guidelines.


The Guidelines and Application Forms for the Micro Grant are obtainable via our website or any Trust member.  Anyone requiring assistance to complete the form can make contact with the Trust.


Groups benefiting in the 2019/2020 allocation :


Eco Site – Braehead Parent Council – Bowling Club  – Forth Community Football Willie Waddell Group – Gentle Giant Music Group – Carmuir Group – 

Forth Primary Parent Council – Lynne Hamilton (Dance) – St Pauls Mainly Music

This is an ongoing issue.  The question of what can be done with this old building which has sentimental value to the many members of the community but is currently not fit for any purpose.  The next step is to obtain a study on the asbestos content via a feasibility study.  This was a key issue during the community consultation for our 5 year action plan.


We would welcome any financially sustainable ideas from the public on this which can be submitted to the group online from our Website Suggestions or in writing to the committee.